Course Syllabus

Week 5
How to Apply and Succeed at Y Combinator
Sales and Building a Sales Team
Building an Engineering Team
Week 6
Running Your Startup
Week 7
Startup Technology - CTO Advice
Fundraising Fundamentals
Week 8
All You Need to Know About Safes, Notes, and Equity
Investor Meetings
Week 9
The Path to $100B
How to Talk to Users
Week 10
Managing Your Psychology as a Founder

Week 1

Introduction to the Course

Startup Legal Mechanics

How to Succeed with a Startup

A Conversation with Paul Graham

Week 2

Building Product

Finding Product Market Fit - Case Study

A Conversation with Ooshma Garg

Week 3

How to Get Users and Grow

How to Measure Your Product

A Conversation with Andy Bromberg

Week 4

Design for Startups Part 1

Design for Startups Part 2

PR and Content for Growth