Course Syllabus

Week 1
How to Evaluate Startup Ideas Pt. 1
How to Perform User Interviews
Week 2
How to Set KPIs and Goals
How to Plan an MVP
Week 3
How Investors Measure Consumer Startups
How Investors Measure B2B Startups
Week 4
How to Launch (Repeatedly)
The Mechanics of Growth
Week 5
How to Avoid Startup Finance Pitfalls
Improving Cofounder Communication
Week 6
How to Create a Healthy Culture
When and How to Pivot
Week 7
How to Improve Conversion Rates
Intro to Pricing
Week 8
How to Prioritize Your Time
How to Evaluate Startup Ideas Pt. 2 (Unfair Advantages)
Week 9
Advice for Hardtech and Biotech Startups
Intro to Modern Startup Investments
Week 10
How to Talk to Investors About Your Startup
How to Become a $100B Company