About Y Combinator Startup School

Our goal

Throughout the 10 weeks, we aim to accomplish the following:

  1. Encourage and inspire people to consider starting a company as a way to positively impact the world
  2. Teach people about how to start a startup, and equip them with the resources and tools to help prepare them now and in the future
  3. Build a community of entrepreneurs who can encourage and teach each other

Course Format


Lectures will be taught by a diverse group of entrepreneurs and industry leaders. We'll have some familiar faces from Sam's Startup Class (http://startupclass.samaltman.com/) and new speakers that we will announce closer to the start of the course.

Week 1: How and Why to Start A Startup, and Mechanics
Week 2: How to Get Ideas
Week 3: How to Build a Great Product I
Week 4: How to Build a Great Product II
Week 5: How to Get Users
Week 6: How to Win
Week 7: How to Execute
Week 8: How to Build a Good Culture
Week 9: How to Build and Manage Teams
Week 10: How to Raise Money, and How to Succeed Long-Term

Class Office Hours

Class Office Hours will also be held each week to give live advice and feedback to the class.


Participation in the course will follow two tracks:


If you would like to learn but are not actively working on your startup.

You can follow along and have full access to all 10 lectures and class office hours, released once a week, here: https://www.startupschool.org/. No sign-up required.

Startup Founder

If you or your team are actively pursuing your startup and are interested in participating, sign up here: https://www.startupschool.org/.

In addition to having full access to all the lectures and class office hours, you will also:

  1. Be assigned to a group of students and a group Advisor. Advisors are members of the Y Combinator alumni community who are currently running their own startup.
  2. Have advisory sessions once every week via online video, and as needed via email
  3. Have access to a Mattermost room with the other students in your group
  4. Be responsible for updating your advisor on progress once a week

Course evaluation

You must submit at least 9 of your 10 weekly updates and attend 9 out of 10 group office hour sessions.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion and the opportunity to share what you're working on with the public.

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