Is there a limit to the number of founders who can participate in the program?
We do not have a limit on the number of participants, but if there is enormous demand, we may not be able to provide 1 on 1 advice to everyone.
How many hours should I expect to put into this?

For Startup Founder Track (people who've already started working on a startup):

There is a minimum commitment of 3 hours a week: one hour of lecture, one hour of class office hours and one hour of group office hours. How much additional time you decide to work on your company and engage with your advisor and the community is entirely up to you.

For spectators:

Just two hours per week (lectures and class office hours).

Who is eligible for the Startup Founder Track?
Anyone who has started working on a startup is eligible to join. If you or your team are actively pursuing your startup and are interested in participating, sign up here: https://www.startupschool.org/.
Are there exams? Homework?
There are no exams. The only requirement to pass the class is to submit your weekly company updates and attend your group office hours.
Who is teaching the lectures?
The lectures will be taught by a combination of YC partners and a great group of entrepreneurs and industry leaders. We'll have many returning speakers from Sam's Startup Class (http://startupclass.samaltman.com/) as well as some new faces. We'll share more on our speakers closer to the start of the course.
Who will these advisors be?
All of the advisors will be members of the Y Combinator alumni network who are actively running their own startups. They have all gone through the process of starting a startup and have volunteered to help share their experiences.
How does this relate to Y Combinator? Does it replace YC? Will it improve my chances of getting into YC?
Startup School was created as a resource for anyone considering starting their own company. Simply put, we want startups to be better startups, whether or not they go through the YC program. It is not meant to replace YC, however, more information on your company may help us improve our decision process if you consider applying to YC in the future.
If I'm doing a startup, why should I bother with this course? What do I get out of it?
If you're doing a startup, this course will help provide insight on running your company through exposure to best practices, helpful resources and actionable advice. In addition to the lecture material, you will have access to experienced startup founders, Y Combinator partners, and become a part of a community of entrepreneurs.
If I'm working with other people, who should participate?
If you are working together with others on your startup, we recommend inviting everyone you consider part of your founding team to participate.
Where will the class be filmed?
The videos will be recorded as part of a series of guest lectures at Stanford.

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