Ravi Chandel

Ravi Chandel
Founder at Fadeur

Shubham  Prasad

Shubham Prasad
CTO at Fadeur

Prashant Singh Chauhan

Prashant Singh Chauhan


Everyone desires to dress well and look cool.
Everyone wants to be stylish.
Everyone wants to be confident.
Since a person who dresses up well, he is also supposed to stay confident throughout the day.
But in this fast paced life, people do not manage to get enough time to look fashionable and stylish.

we can not decide what to wear even with a wardrobe full of clothing. Even many times celebrities and HNIs/professionals hire image consultants/fashion stylist but the common mass cannot afford them.

To solve this problem, we have come with the concept of AI fashion stylist. Fadeur is your AI powered fashion stylist who suggests you what to wear and how to wear. You don't have to worry about tedious inputs like online closet creation and body measurements - It'll take care of these things. You just interact with this as you would to any fashion stylist. Suggestions are fully personalised and depend on your personality, occasion, time, location and weather.

If we look at the currently available recommendation services, they are mostly focused on only new clothing. So the user will face the same problem of what to wear on another occasion and it is unlikely that the user will buy new clothes for every event. And Fadeur suggests from your closet, so don't have to buy a new clothing for every new occasion.

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