Matt Gagnon

Matt Gagnon


Nudge is what DARPA would call a third wave machine learning technology ( Instead of making incremental improvements to existing algorithms (second wave), we've been working on something new. Nudge is different in that its quick for developers to learn, its easy to implement, easy to maintain, understands context, and learns in realtime - so better products can be built faster and improved quicker.

Nudge is a SaaS application, but its not a bunch of fixed-in-time, single-capability APIS. Nudge gives you access to some simple concepts, much like legos that can be pieced together. The math and calculations between these components are done automatically to deliver results specifically useful to your application. You can then query Nudge in the natural language of your industry or your application. So building realtime personalization, or sales funnel optimization, or that new feature no-one has thought of before can all be done with the same simple-to-use tool.

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