Crib Technologies Inc.

Antonius  Willms

Antonius Willms
CEO at Crib Technologies Inc.

Raphael Ferretti

Raphael Ferretti
CSO at Crib

Lennart Paar

Lennart Paar
CIO at Crib Technologies Inc.

Ned Horneffer

Ned Horneffer
Product strategist


We generally struggle to live eco-friendly in our daily lives; we are too busy, we don't know what to do and we're simply slow to change our old habits.

Our assistant "Eevie" helps us proactively with eco-advice when we need it so that we can form eco-friendly habits easier than ever before, for example reminding us to take a reusable plastic bag before we go shopping, suggesting us to bike to work instead of driving alone, etc.

We strongly believe that anyone should have the possibility to easily live eco-friendly lives and that Eevie will help us manage this lifestyle change.

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