Tomoya Nagasawa

Tomoya Nagasawa
Founder & Developer at Dype


We are developing an AI purely focusing on solving the unsolved problem of foreign language learning. With our unique NLG (natural language generation) algorithm to universally construct any human language in the same process our human brains do, the A.I. can actually teach us languages better than any other existing methodologies.

The true language fluency is not the amount of vocabulary you know or familiarity and expertise with the grammatical notions of the language, but how small the number of the bottlenecks you stumble upon while constructing sentences in your head. A.I. or computer in general dose this "logical construction" far better than a human brain does. This is why creating an A.I. that simulates the language construction process of human brains will greatly help language learners, if combined with the right learning platform.

The founder of this startup has resided, studied and worked in 7 different countries and speaks at least 3 languages very fluently. In the past, he has won several developer prizes for his language learning applications, awarded by some big players including Yahoo Japan and Joi Ito of MIT media Lab. He has experience founding a tech startup in Tokyo, Japan in 2010 and winning one of the biggest seed round startup competitions of the year held by Cyber Agent Ventures.

The company is recently incorporated in Estonia, but the founder bases himself to work for this startup in Berlin, Germany.

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