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Adris Chakraborty

Adris Chakraborty
Founder of LYK Inc

Piyas De

Piyas De
Co-founder at Lyk


LYK is an online social network with Privacy where users connect with each other as Family or Close. Interestingly users can keep their Close connections invisible on LYK. Users choose their audience on LYK to define their communication either as post, group chat or a private chat. LYK lets its users comment privately on public posts or on group chats.

Key Offerings
- Users can add their Close connections and keep them invisible to the LYK network. All comments from these hidden connections will also remain invisible.

- LYK enables users to make their comments private on public posts. The private comments are only visible to the initiator of the post and those who commented limiting unnecessary interference from unknown connections.

- Users can chat and post from the same screen, deciding who should view their messages while sharing on LYK. Users can either choose to share a public post, get into a group chat discussion or select one connection to initiate a private chat on LYK.

- LYK Organizer allows users to mark important dates or plan events and share with others in the network.

LYK was Launched on Google Play, middle of March, 2017. Since then LYK witnessed more than 44,000 Downloads;More than 42,000 Active Users till date with 66658 Active Sessions and 427109 Screens views.

The average time per user spends on LYK is more than 3 mins.

LYK’s IOS version launch is planned in September, 2017, while Web version also in September 2017.

LYK Usages (As on September 11, 2017)

Total Downloads till date - 44276
Active Users - 42415
Sessions - 66658
Screen Views - 427109
Screens/Session - 6.41
Average Session Duration - 3 min 40 sec

Age Wise App Usage
18 - 24 years - 27.05%
25 - 34 years - 33.50%
35 - 44 years - 15.50%
45 - 54 years - 12.50%
55 - 64 years - 5.50%
65+ years - 5.50 %

Gender Wise App Usage
Female - 45.85%
Male - 54.15%

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