CruiseBe, Inc.
Unified travel platform for B2C and SaaS B2B solution
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Oleksii Shumaiev

Oleksii Shumaiev
CEO at CuiseBe, Inc.

Marina Shumaieva

Marina Shumaieva
Co-founder & CTO at CruiseBe Inc


CruiseBe is a unified travel platform for B2C and SaaS B2B solution for cruise industry that help travelers to plan their vacation and explore all cruise components at one place.

Our major products are:
• Interactive deck plans with ability to build the routes, even offline
• Ultimate cruise planner – an online tool that, only in two clicks and in less than 30 seconds, proposes day-by-day schedule of a cruise with a complete list of attractions and activities in each port of call and on the ship

Initially we launched our products on consumer market, however, we have developed a solution that allows us to integrate our big-data and cruise planner tool into any cruise companies’ services, both web and mobile.

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