AI-Tools for Fashion-Shopping

Matthias Nannt

Matthias Nannt
CTO at chatShopper

Antonia Ermacora

Antonia Ermacora
[email protected]


We have the worldwide best fashion bot with chatShopper on Facebook Messenger ;) ( and working on conversational commerce for nearly 2 years now. We stated with the idea of "shopping via chat", back then in WhatsApp and with human experts. At the end of 2015 we built our first fashion chatbot and working on that topic since then. As we're brave believers of conversational UI's in the future (text, voice, VR/AR) we want to solve problems which will come with those new platforms and provide a better and more fun way to search for products. We are currently working on: conversational search solution which includes own fashion NLU, prediction engine to forecast the next step of the users and data enrichment solution to extract missing information from pictures with image recognition. To bypass the time from bot hype to real value these modules can also improve current search within existing channels.

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