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Carol Hargreaves

Carol Hargreaves
Founder of Aussie Stock Rating App


The Aussie Stock Rating App is for Beginner Trader's who are interested in stock trading but do not know where to start or do not have the research & stock analysis skills or simply do not have the time to analyse the stocks.

Aussie Stock App does the research and analysis of stocks.
Aussie App saves you time as Aussie App rates stocks on their financial health and rates the stocks on the likelihood of their price going up. These stock ratings help beginner stock traders to easily compare stocks and choose which stocks to buy wisely, instead of gut-feel.

The Aussie Stock App is unique as it combines artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to rate the stocks. The artificial intelligence uses a unique trading strategy approach to determine which stocks to buy and when to exit the trade.

Further, Aussie Stock App has a Stock Prediction Game that allows beginner traders to learn how to trade stocks in a fun and secure environment, and allows them to compete with family and friends.

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