Xyber Technologies
Cooling for data centers with no power and no moving parts
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Mario Facusse

Mario Facusse
Founder and CEO at Xyber Technologies


Xyber Technologies is a startup dedicated to reducing the impact data centers are having on the environment by cutting their power consumption and fitting more servers into each rack to reduce their physical footprint.

In order to achieve this, we have created a cooling system for servers and racks that requires no power and has no moving parts. Xyber’s cooling system uses heat pipes to move heat from the components inside servers to the sides of the rack where the heat can be isolated and removed efficiently.

Our system reduces cooling requirements up to 75%, reduces server power consumption up to 30%, and reduces data center total power consumption up to 40%. Xyber has been granted utility/concepts patents in the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, China, and Korea.

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