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Getting Started
Sales & Marketing
People & Culture
A Great Product (Startup Playbook)
by Sam Altman
The Customization Curve
by Aaron Harris
Scaling Product at Airbnb
by Joe Gebbia and Reid Hoffman
Before You Grow
by Sam Altman
Product Development Cycle Fundamentals
by Michael Seibel
A Minimum Viable Product Is Not a Product, It’s a Process
by Jim Brikman
The Real Product Market Fit
by Michael Seibel
Practical Design: MVP Spec
by Dominika Blackappl
Practical Design: Design Brief
by Dominika Blackappl
Practical Design: Pitching
by Dominika Blackappl
Practical Design: Messaging
by Dominika Blackappl
Practical Design: User Observation
by Dominika Blackappl
The Art of Shipping Early and Often
by David Mack
Be Wary of Solving a Small, Rare Problem
by Des Traynor
How to Run a User Interview (SUS 2014)
by Emmett Shear
How to Build Products Users Love (SUS 2014)
by Kevin Hale
Building Product, Talking to Users and Growing (SUS 2014)
by Adora Cheung
How to Build a Product II (SUS 2017)
by Aaron Levie
How to Build a Product IV (SUS 2017)
by Jan Koum
How to Build a Product III (SUS 2017)
by Jason Lemkin, Solomon Hykes, Tracy Young, Harry Zhang
How to Find Product Market Fit (SUS 2017)
by Peter Reinhardt
Startup Priorities
by Geoff Ralston
If your product is Great, it doesn't need to be Good
by Paul Buchheit
Finding Product Market Fit
by Peter Reinhardt
Finding Product-Market Fit in the Education Industry
by Sarah Chou, Karen Lien
Building Product (SUS 2018)
by Michael Seibel
How to Find Product-Market Fit (SUS 2018)
by David Rusenko
How to Measure Your Product (SUS 2018)
by Suhail Doshi
Design for Startups, Part 2 (SUS 2018)
by Garry Tan
Design for Startups, Part 1 (SUS 2018)
by Garry Tan
Startup Technology - Technical Founder Advice (SUS 2018)
by Jared Friedman, Lillian Chou, Diana Hu, Calvin French-Owen and Ralph Gootee
Building a Startup is Not About Building a Product, It's About Solving a Problem
by Avni Patel
The More You Communicate with Users, the Higher Chance You’ll Build Something They Want
by Ryan Hoover
Product and Design Process for Remote Teams
by Mike Knoop and Kevin Hale
Should I Use a Dev Shop?
by Michael Seibel
Analytics for Startups (SUS 2019)
by Ilya Volodarsky
How to Set KPIs and Goals (SUS 2019)
by Adora Cheung
How to Plan an MVP (SUS 2019)
by Michael Seibel
Nine Business Models and the Metrics Investors Want (SUS 2019)
by Anu Hariharan
How to Launch (Again and Again) (SUS 2019)
by Kat Manalac
All About Pivoting (SUS 2019)
by Dalton Caldwell
How to Measure (SUS 2017)
by Adam D'Angelo
How to Build a Product I (SUS 2017)
by Michael Seibel, Emmett Shear, Steve Huffman
How to Convince Investors
by Paul Graham
How to Raise Money
by Paul Graham
How to Talk to Investors
by Michael Seibel
The Venture Capital Squeeze
by Paul Graham
A Fundraising Survival Guide
by Paul Graham
The Equity Equation
by Paul Graham
How to Present to Investors
by Paul Graham
The Hacker's Guide to Investors
by Paul Graham
How to Fund a Startup
by Paul Graham
When to raise a Series A
by Aaron Harris
Process and Leverage in Fundraising
by Aaron Harris
Fundraising Advice from Female Founders
by Kirsty Nathoo
A Guide to Seed Fundraising
by Geoff Ralston
Raising Money Online Advice for Startups
by Jared Friedman
by Sam Altman
How to Design a Better Pitch Deck
by Kevin Hale
Advice on Pitching
by Aaron Harris
How to Pitch Your Company
by Michael Seibel
A Guide to Demo Day Pitches
by Geoff Ralston
How to Email Early Stage Investors
by Michael Seibel
Why Does Your Company Deserve More Money?
by Michael Seibel
How to Raise Money (SUS 2017)
by Jess Less, Aaron Harris
Founders of Science Exchange, Goldbely, and The Flex Company Discuss Fundraising
by YC
Fundraising (Startup Playbook)
by Sam Altman
How to Raise Money (SUS 2014)
by Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, Parker Conrad
Scaling and Fundraising
by Max Rhodes and Anu Hariharan
Don't Over Optimize Fundraising
by Aaron Harris
A Guide to Preemptive Funding Offers
by Aaron Harris
Tips on Formation and Fundraising
by Aaron Harris, Kirsty Nathoo, Carolynn Levy, and Jon Levy
Fundraising Fundamentals (SUS 2018)
by Geoff Ralston
How to Get Meetings with Investors and Raise Money (SUS 2018)
by Aaron Harris
How Investors Think About Ideas
by Kevin Hale
How Pitching Investors is Different Than Pitching Customers
by Michael Seibel
Aaron Harris on Fundraising and Meeting with Investors
by Aaron Harris
How Investors Measure Startups Q&A (SUS 2019)
by Anu Hariharan, Adora Cheung
How to Cold Email Investors
by Michael Seibel
The Cost of Preemptive Deals
by Aaron Harris and Janelle Tam
How to Pitch Your Startup (SUS 2019)
by Kevin Hale
Fundraising Docs
Legal & Finance
Staying Alive
Later Stage
Office Hours
Applying to YC
Hard tech
Artificial Intelligence
Working at a Startup